Historic Equitation launch first evening performance!

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting our first evening performance at The College Equestrian Centre at Keysoe on Friday 27th March 2020. 

The aim of the evening is to take our audience behind the scenes of Historic Equitation. In part 1, we will introduce our knights and their horses, you will find out what we look for when selecting a horse for the joust. Once we have outlined the temperament and behaviours that we find desirable, we will demonstrate how training begins and what we do to prepare our horses for the sights and sounds of an event.

Our demonstration will not just focus on training a horse to carry a lance and shield but will also focus on horsemanship as desensitisation is only a small part of the horses training. Those who have equine knowledge, or even those who remember the “dancing horses” of the Olympics may recognise a few of the classical movements our horses will perform. We will explain where these movements originated from and why they were useful in battle.

We will be taking a range of horses to the event to demonstrate the different stages of training and the versatility of the different breeds. It is a great opportunity for us to compare what horses were used historically (and how we know about them) with the horses we are using today.

After a short interval our knights will don their armour to take part in a 13th Century Joust and Melee. Watch our horses as they take part in their first evening performance. This is a great opportunity ahead of the event season for the horses to experience a joust and work in a large arena. 

We will also talk about the history of the 13th Century joust and explain why it can be run seamlessly on an artificial surface. 

At Historic Equitation, we pride ourselves on representing the past, whether our audience likes horses or history, we feel that the Jousting Showcase will have something for everyone.

The Jousting Showcase will be held at The College Equestrian Centre at Keysoe, 19:30 – 21:00 on Friday 27th March. Adult tickets cost £14.99 and Children (under the age of 16) cost £4.99. To avoid disappointment, book your place online today: http://bit.ly/KeysoeWeb.