Mounted Falconry


Hunting and hawking should be considered two of the most exciting and important sports throughout history. Hawking, otherwise known as falconry was enjoyed by high society, referred to as the ‘sport of royalty’, falconry was a sport for the nobles in the Middle Ages up until the Victorian period and was a means of providing food for the table.

In much the same way jousting tournaments gave knights the opportunity to practise their skills with a lance for warfare, hunting with a bird of prey from horseback, gave nobility of the period the opportunity to hone their abilities as hunters and horsemen.

At Historic Equitation, we provide a unique service within the U.K as the only historical equestrian team that can deliver stand-alone mounted falconry displays. Our mounted displays range from the chivalric Middle Ages to the reign of Queen Victoria where we provide informative, knowledgeable and awe-inspiring flights from horseback. Our two main displays cover aspects of falconry from the knightly 14th -15th Century and hunting in the 18th Century to stock up the larder.

Dressed in period clothing and using up to 4 specially trained Spanish horses and riders, we have worked closely for a number of years with the talented Mike and Emma Raphael of Raphael Historic Falconry. Using magnificent birds of prey from their collection that range from the Harris Hawk to the Peregrine Falcon, we are able to showcase the magnificent art of hawking from horseback! (They can even supply a Golden Eagle!)

Our riders have been selected and personally trained in historical hawking by master falconer Mike and his wife Emma. Between them they have countless years of falconry experience and an incredible knowledge of anything feathered!

Our displays truly demonstrate the great skill and art form of historical mounted falconry, a must for your event! As with all Historic Equitation displays, they can be scaled down for smaller events or corporate functions.

If you are looking to film mounted falconry do get in touch as we would be delighted to be of assistance.




Following in the steps of the English riding master William Cavendish, the Duke of Newcastle, we showcase the skills and majesty of 17th Century horsemanship. Performing in Cavendish’s own indoor riding house within the spectacular setting of Bolsover Castle, Historic Equitation demonstrate the art of classical dressage using the Duke’s well documented humane training techniques.

The display at Bolsover Castle is suitable for all the family, from spellbound children to adults (with or without a knowledge of equine practices). The highlight of the show for many are the haute école movements or Airs Above the Ground, due to the power and control that is demonstrated. At the end of the performance, riders and horses alike greet the audience to answer their questions. This is excellent for younger children as they are able to get up close to the horses.

The movements and training highlighted in the Bolsover performances can be incorporated into a lecture demonstration for those interested in either the history of the riding house or the technical details of horsemanship itself.


In 2017 Peter Maddison-Greenwell represented Historic Equitation at a lecture demonstration at Newmarket Open Weekend, to showcase how classical dressage underpins our modern equestrian practices. The demonstration was the only non-racing performance of the day and was received with high praise.

Would you like to see the horses and riders of Historic Equitation demonstrate their strength and refined skills when performing the art of classical dressage? If so then cast your eye across the Events page where you will find details of the performances at Bolsover Castle along with other venues and sites around the country.

Alternatively, if you would like to host a clinic or demonstration at your venue then do get in touch!



Film and TV Production

Film and TV Production

Historic Equitation have the skills, horses, riders and tack available at short notice to work with both film and TV productions.

For productions requiring historical riding skills, well trained horses and fully armed knights, Historic Equitation has a strong track record of being able to provide a refined and historically accurate service.

Previously, horses and riders of Historic Equitation have appeared in “Richard III: The New Evidence” “Medieval Dead” and “Time Crashers”.

In addition to large-scale productions, Historic Equitation has worked with companies and organisations to develop promotional video’s. Working alongside English Heritage at Kenilworth Castle, working in challenging weather conditions, Historic Equitation taught Olympic Athlete Victoria Pendleton how to joust and created dramatic footage for use in a series of videos promoting the summer Jousting advertising campaign.

With a wealth of experience through previous productions, Historic Equitation are able to advise and guide production crews as to best practice, safety and artistic aspects whilst being open to new suggestions and technology.

Historic Equitation HQ has a covered all weather indoor space which has previously been used for green screen filming as well as photography.

We are able to offer a range of onsite filming options, with a solid tilt rail at our base and stunning surrounding countryside, we also have transport and are able to bring our horses and riders to location for filming. Recently “Secrets of the Shining Knight” filmed at Historic Equitation

We pride ourselves on having historically accurate tack, clothing and armour and are able to provide horses, riders and valets for a wide historical period starting at the end of the Roman period and finishing before WW1.

Fiona Bruce riding Coralito for the Antiques Road Show at Bolsover Castle

Using manuscripts and books, we have ensured we are true to history, not just for the look of the equipment, but also for the breeds and size of horses we have selected for our yard. Our horses have made appearances on Film and TV displaying the full range of their abilities, from shooting muskets, flying birds to classical dressage and jousting.

Bespoke Training

If you are a production company looking to film a specific event, we can include training days ahead of filming for actors and presenters to ensure they are comfortable and able to perform to a high standard when cameras are rolling.

For more details on the skills and abilities of our horses, take a look at our virtual stable which outlines individual skills or make an enquiry through our contact us page for a truly bespoke consultation!

Previous Appearances Include:




From the courtly spectacle of the Grand Medieval 15th Century jousts to the brutal swirling melee of the 13th Century, Historic Equitation specialises in bringing authentic jousts back to life for the modern audience. Alongside the pageantry of the historical event, we explain and demonstrate the horsemanship of a medieval knight, in a time when the prowess of the jouster had a direct correlation to his masculinity and standing in society. On show are the required skills to do this: expert horse and lance control, concentration, courage and the ability to survive!

Having extensive experience of staging 15th Century jousts across the UK and Europe and riders partaking in Jousts in Australia and America. Displays can be arranged for small private functions or large national public events where Knights will be encased in real armour, and ride against each other down the list carried by powerful horses, to the thundering of hooves and splintering of wooden lances at the roar of the crowd!

Brand new in 2017 was the introduction of the 13th Century joust, an authentic recreation of which has not been contested on these shores for over 700 years. Drawing on Arthurian mythology, knights charge each other with lances before drawing steel swords to whirl and attack in an epic display of horsemanship, flair and courage. 

Photograph kindly provided by: Matthew D Crosby Photographics

Historic Equitation are able to provide all aspects required to host a modern-day Tourney or joust, from horses and riders, to their costumes, armour, weapons and tilt rail, making the event a truly bespoke package. 

To ensure we are able to provide you with the highest quality event, we will conduct a site visit ahead of a new event to establish the size of performance that we will be able to undertake in the space provided. We are also able to provide risk assessments for public events and are fully insured, to give you piece of mind.

If you would like to host a joust, please do get in contact with us and we will be able to provide you with a full consultation and customised quote.

Main image kindly provided by: Hannah Brewer Photography



Whether you wish to conduct a photoshoot with our horses on location or would like to hire our facilities as a backdrop, we are able to cater for individual requirements across a range of periods.

Why not turn our indoor arena into your own green screen studio? Or use our hedge lined paddocks and external exercise area’s as the perfect setting for equestrian (or in fact any) photography session?

We work regularly with PR agencies and marketing teams to create advertising campaigns ahead of events and have a wealth of experience in staging shots and performing for the camera.

We have horses that are suitable for novice models and riders to help you capture the desired shot.