Individual Lessons

What lessons do we offer?

We can cater lessons for all capabilities and interests. Whether you are an established rider wanting to experience high school dressage or if you are new to the equestrian world wanting to learn the basics, your time in the saddle will be sympathetically taught and a memorable experience. 

Lessons take place in our own indoor school, which is considerably smaller than a modern 20 x 40 riding arena, but offers a sense of security and focus. We employ the use of our Equiteach wireless communication system, which allows riders to hear their instructor clearly and subtly.

For riders who are progressing their historical riding we also have an all-weather surface “Tiltyard” where mounted fencing, skill at arms and joust training all take place.

We can offer a variety of different lessons such as:

– High school dressage/schoolmaster sessions
– Lateral work
– Beginner lessons
– Historical training
– Skill at arms
– Working in hand
– Jousting
– Mounted Combat

Our aim is to create an enjoyable session learning how to ride and train with the horse’s best interest as a priority, whilst understanding rider biomechanics and how you can correctly influence the horse.  

Schoolmaster Lessons

For those that wish to try more advanced riding exercises such as Piaffe and Passage why not try our individual Adult lessons on our SchoolMasters. These sessions are £75 for 45mins. Riders must be competent and sure of their abilities in order to access these lessons.

Lessons for Children & Young Riders (up to age 16)

During these personalised sessions children and young adults are taught the basics of Classical riding and will develop confidence and a knowledge to suit their own abilities

Daily lessons for Children and Young Riders are available Monday to Friday 4.00-6.30pm, at the Riding House at Historic Equitation

Pricing 2024

Type TimeCost
Adult (16+)Private45 minutes£60
Adult (16+)Shared (max. 2)45 minutes£50 per person
Child / Junior (up to age 16)Private30 minutes£35
Adult / JuniorPrivate schoolmaster45 minutes£75