Mounted Falconry

Hunting and hawking should be considered two of the most exciting and important sports throughout history. Hawking, otherwise known as falconry was enjoyed by high society, referred to as the ‘sport of royalty’, falconry was a sport for the nobles in the Middle Ages up until the Victorian period and was a means of providing food for the table.

In much the same way jousting tournaments gave knights the opportunity to practise their skills with a lance for warfare, hunting with a bird of prey from horseback, gave nobility of the period the opportunity to hone their abilities as hunters and horsemen.

At Historic Equitation, we provide a unique service within the U.K as the only historical equestrian team that can deliver stand-alone mounted falconry displays. Our mounted displays range from the chivalric Middle Ages to the reign of Queen Victoria where we provide informative, knowledgeable and awe-inspiring flights from horseback. Our two main displays cover aspects of falconry from the knightly 14th -15th Century and hunting in the 18th Century to stock up the larder.

Dressed in period clothing and using up to 4 specially trained Spanish horses and riders, we have worked closely for a number of years with the talented Mike and Emma Raphael of Raphael Historic Falconry. Using magnificent birds of prey from their collection that range from the Harris Hawk to the Peregrine Falcon, we are able to showcase the magnificent art of hawking from horseback! (They can even supply a Golden Eagle!)

Our riders have been selected and personally trained in historical hawking by master falconer Mike and his wife Emma. Between them they have countless years of falconry experience and an incredible knowledge of anything feathered!

Our displays truly demonstrate the great skill and art form of historical mounted falconry, a must for your event! As with all Historic Equitation displays, they can be scaled down for smaller events or corporate functions.

If you are looking to film mounted falconry do get in touch as we would be delighted to be of assistance.