Coralito is one of the most powerful horses at Historic Equitation, with the almost unbeatable combination of strength, power and control coupled with excellent schooling, which make him the most manoeuvrable in the yard.

Coralito is often used for mounted falconry displays with a skilled rider as he is able to move seamlessly into position to enable the rider to land a hawk whilst on the move.

Whilst he may not be the bravest warrior, he is a reliable performer who likes to showcase his haute école movements in front of the crowd and relishes his annual task of leading the cavalry charge at the Battle of Hastings.

After a long day filming Coralito loves nothing more than a good roll. His favourite trick at home is to throw himself in the muddiest puddle when he sees you approaching with a headcollar, ensuring there is fresh, sticky mud coating across his entire body!


  • Knight marshal horse
  • Mounted falconry
  • 17th Century dressage demonstrations
  • Jousting horse


  • Pesade
  • Levade
  • Piaffe
  • Mounted falconry

Previous Appearances:

Coralito was ridden by Dominic Sewell when escorting Richard III’s coffin to its final resting place in Leicester Cathedral on 23rd March 2015 accompanied by Dr Tobias Capwell on Duke. You can read more here and on the Telegraphs website here.

Coralito was used to give Jeremy Taylor from the Financial Times a day in the life experience of being a jouster at Kenilworth Castle, near Coventry. Jeremy wore armour for the first time and rode around the ramparts getting used to the feel of the extra 20kg in weight, read about his experience here.

With his steadfast nature and abundance of patience, Coralito was the natural choice for Fiona Bruce to ride during filming of the Antiques Roadshow.

Coralito was used for the second year of jousting at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk, read the full article.