Cayetano is a Cartujarno Stallion, the breed is also known as Boccado and Carthusian. It is one of the oldest bloodlines of the pure Spanish breed, with the line being traced back to the … Continue readingCayetano


Faraon is a Friesian cross stallion, he was imported from Spain in February 2017 by Historic Equitation. He arrived with well-established work both ridden and in-hand which has only been improved … Continue readingFaraon


Stable Name: Nev Nuevo is a British bred PRE gelding who started his training with Historic Equitation in 2017. Nev has proved extremely easy to train with an amenable and … Continue readingNuevo


Stable name: Charlie Charlemagne (Charlie) is a fearsome Spanish destrier, he is a British bred Lipizzaner  of the Siglavy line whose origins can be traced back to an Arab horse from … Continue readingCharlemagne


Stable name: Coby Cobrador (Coby) is a Hispano gelding, he is the longest serving member of the Historic Equitation team and possibly the most adored! Dominic says this horse has taught … Continue readingCobrador


Stable name: Briar One of the longest serving members of the Historic Equitation team, Briar is never far from his stable mate Duke. Briar is a fierce jouster, he is … Continue readingBriar


Stable name: Perry Pericles is an Irish Draught gelding, possibly the mightiest war horse in the stables at the moment (although Nuevo may soon take his place!) He is fearless, … Continue readingPericles


Icaro is a Boccado Carthusian stallion, the Boccado bloodline is ancient and there are less then 500 horses of this line alive today. Icaro was purchased as an unbroken stallion, and … Continue readingIcaro


Coralito is one of the most powerful horses at Historic Equitation, with the almost unbeatable combination of strength, power and control coupled with excellent schooling, which make him the most … Continue readingCoralito