Cayetano is a Cartujarno Stallion, the breed is also known as Boccado and Carthusian. It is one of the oldest bloodlines of the pure Spanish breed, with the line being traced back to the 15th Century. There are less than 500 horses in this bloodline alive today, and we are privileged to have two in our stables, Cayetano and his brother Icaro.  

Cayetano arrived with us in the middle of our busy 2019 season lightly backed, since arriving he has continued both his ridden and in-hand education. Similar to his brother Icaro he is extremely brave with what we have asked so far, especially when hacking in traffic, something he had not experienced before arrive at New Lodge Farm. 

Cayetano is only <AGE>, so it will be a while before his debut at a show. When we bring a new horse into the team, we usually introduce them to events either at Bolsover Castle (that has a smaller audience and small indoor arena that they are used to at home) or as a Marshall horse. This takes the pressure of the horse, because even if they are jousting at home competently, they may not be used to crowds, noise, banners or open spaces that are involved with events. We want to give our horses a positive experience of their first event to ensure they enjoy their future career with us. 


We are hoping as Cayetano grows and develops he will be strong enough to carry a knight in harness s that he can become a mighty destrier for 15th Century jousts. 

Due to his breeding he will be classically trained and follow in the footsteps of his older brother Icaro at Bolsover Castle to perform in the riding house. We look forward to his first performance once he has more experience under saddle. 


We look forward to updating this section as his training continues to develop.