Stable name: Coby

Cobrador (Coby) is a Hispano gelding, he is the longest serving member of the Historic Equitation team and possibly the most adored! Dominic says this horse has taught him the most and forgiven his mistakes more than any other.

Coby is a great horse for skill at arms and 17th Century Dressage where his natural suppleness and classical training shine through. His skills are in the more refined movements with controlled yet still explosive power!

You will often see Coby at Bolsover Castle, he especially enjoys the final Historic Equestrian event!


  • 17th Century dressage horse
  • Marshall horse


  • Pesade
  • Pirouette
  • Terre á terre
  • Levade

Previous Appearances:

  • Coby has been to the Battle of Hastings leading the Cavalry, charging up the enemy shield wall and intimidating his enemies.
  • Coby has been to countless performances at Bolsover Castle (and is in fact the face of their Cavalier Horses Page on the English Heritage website!)
  • He has also proved a useful horse on the jousting field, being the chosen mount of Dominic Sewell whilst he was Knight Marshall at Bolsover Castle, amungst many other venues!