Film and TV Production

Historic Equitation have the skills, horses, riders and tack available at short notice to work with both film and TV productions.

For productions requiring historical riding skills, well trained horses and fully armed knights, Historic Equitation has a strong track record of being able to provide a refined and historically accurate service.

Previously, horses and riders of Historic Equitation have appeared in “Richard III: The New Evidence” “Medieval Dead” and “Time Crashers”.

In addition to large-scale productions, Historic Equitation has worked with companies and organisations to develop promotional video’s. Working alongside English Heritage at Kenilworth Castle, working in challenging weather conditions, Historic Equitation taught Olympic Athlete Victoria Pendleton how to joust and created dramatic footage for use in a series of videos promoting the summer Jousting advertising campaign.

With a wealth of experience through previous productions, Historic Equitation are able to advise and guide production crews as to best practice, safety and artistic aspects whilst being open to new suggestions and technology.

Historic Equitation HQ has a covered all weather indoor space which has previously been used for green screen filming as well as photography.

We are able to offer a range of onsite filming options, with a solid tilt rail at our base and stunning surrounding countryside, we also have transport and are able to bring our horses and riders to location for filming. Recently “Secrets of the Shining Knight” filmed at Historic Equitation

We pride ourselves on having historically accurate tack, clothing and armour and are able to provide horses, riders and valets for a wide historical period starting at the end of the Roman period and finishing before WW1.

Fiona Bruce riding Coralito for the Antiques Road Show at Bolsover Castle

Using manuscripts and books, we have ensured we are true to history, not just for the look of the equipment, but also for the breeds and size of horses we have selected for our yard. Our horses have made appearances on Film and TV displaying the full range of their abilities, from shooting muskets, flying birds to classical dressage and jousting.

Bespoke Training

If you are a production company looking to film a specific event, we can include training days ahead of filming for actors and presenters to ensure they are comfortable and able to perform to a high standard when cameras are rolling.

For more details on the skills and abilities of our horses, take a look at our virtual stable which outlines individual skills or make an enquiry through our contact us page for a truly bespoke consultation!

Previous Appearances Include: