Dominic Sewell does a live Q&A on the Flying Changes Show

Have you ever visited an English Heritage property, been to the Tower of London or Hampton Court Palace whilst jousting or 17th Century riding displays are on? If so, you may have seen Dominic Sewell or his horses.

Dominic uses a classical dressage system that is 700 years old to train his horses, not many people know that books on training horses go back to the Medieval period, the greatest one being from the King of Portugal Dom Duarte in the 1430s.

In an interview with Jennie Winter-Leach for the Flying Changes Show, Dominic answers your questions live.

Find out about Dominic and how he got into a niche sector of the equestrian world, discover what equitation really is, how the teachings of the dressage masters relate to the present day and whether the tack and equipment they use is different to what was used historically.

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