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The Armoured Fighter – A Historical Martial Arts Workshop

February 19, 2022 - February 20, 2022


The late medieval armoured warrior was a formidable threat. Almost fully-encased in plate armour and trained from childhood in the use of weapons, the ‘man-at-arms’ was much more powerful than the average soldier in close-combat. Wearing armour was not simply a passive addition to the knight’s arsenal. It had to be actively used – operated almost like a piece of machinery. At the same time, an armoured opponent’s equipment could be aggressively manipulated in the process of overcoming him.

The Armoured Fighter is a new workshop organised by Tobias Capwell and Historic Equitation. Join leading HEMA instructors and armour specialists for two days of practical modules and illustrated talks, focusing on armoured fighting in the fifteenth century. We will look at the whole process of combat in armour, against armoured opponents, at long, medium and close ranges, with the pollaxe, sword and dagger. We will also explore grappling and cover some basic aspects relating to the physical fitness essential to successful armoured fighting.

As well as combat techniques, we will also explore the ways in which armour configured for foot combat should be worn, and what key advantages correct methods of wear can confer, considering not just the armour plates but also the construction of the textile and mail pieces that form the foundation of a complete armour.

This workshop is open to armoured fighters who already have their own complete plate harness. Registration must be limited to twenty armoured participants. Participants may bring an assistant/observer, by arrangement.

The registration fee for the two days, including lunch and refreshments, is £300 GBP.

For enquiries and registration, please email emily@historicequitation.com


February 19, 2022
February 20, 2022


Historic Equitation
New Lodge Farm
Sudborough, Northamptonshire NN14 3FJ United Kingdom


Historic Equitation