Icaro is a Bocado Carthusian stallion, the Bocado bloodline is ancient and there are less then 500 horses of this line alive today!

Icaro was purchased as an unbroken stallion, and began his ridden career with Historic Equitation. Nothing phase this little chap and we hope he enjoys the busy season we have planned ahead!

He made his jousting debut at Wrest Parks 13th Century Tournament on St George’s Day in 2018 as the mount of Dominic Sewell.


  • 13th Century jousting horse
  • Classical horsemanship


  • 17th . Century dressage
  • Spanish walk

Previous Appearances:

  • Duke of Newcastle Cavalier Horse Displays at Bolsover Castle
  • 13th Century jousting horse at St George’s Day Festival at Wrest Park
  • Commentators horse for horsemanship displays at Kenilworth Castle’s Elizabethan Event