St George’s Day Celebrations 2018

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St Georges Day

St George’s Day went off with a bang at Wrest Park (quite literally with the cavalry starting off practice sessions on Saturday morning!) But who did we take and how did they get on? Let me introduce our brave knights….

The first knight to attend Wrest Park was Sir Henri Green of Northamptonshire on his stunning Spanish stallion Icaro, clad in green and gold. It was Icaro’s first joust, for which he has been training over the winter months.

The second knight was Sir Roger de Harsyk of Norfolk in dark blue adorned with a wolfs head, riding his Italian Stallion, Zogo! Zogo is Europe’s most famous jousting horse and is the face of many English Heritage jousts, with his picture being used as far afield as Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight!

The third knight is our knight in ruby red, Sir Stephen de Ramsey of Huntingdonshire on his noble steed Nuevo, a horse specifically trained for 13th Century jousts.

The final contender and the local knight was Sir Humphrey de Bohun of Bedfordshire on his Spanish horse Charlemagne! Charlemagne can turn his hoof to anything and is now a mighty war-horse in his third jousting season!

Champion both days was awarded to the local knight, Sir Humphrey de Bohun of Bedfordshire! Charlemagne campaigned well throughout the tournament with the flourish of an impressive levade to celebrate!

After the 13th Century Estor and Melee, which we try to keep as close to historically accurate as possible, our horses and riders all had fun transforming into bandits for the finale of the day with Charlemagne chasing down a fire breathing dragon!